Popular Post – One Day Wonder

The best panorama on river Danube and a canyon with waterfalls in one day? This is our one day wonder hiking tour where you get a lot of beauty from the Hungarian nature. You spend the day in the wonderful volcanic Visegradi hills where you can admire the memories of the old volcano. The big rocks and stones by the trail are all telling the story of the ancient eruption. The volcano is not active any more, so you are absolutely in safe. After the first climb you find yourself on a ridge that provides beautiful panorama to river Danube and the surrounding mountains. This place is called the Vadallo stones. After a few hundred meters more climb you arrive to Predikaloszek, a summit that provides one of the most beautiful views of Hungary. You can go up to the lookout have a snack and enjoy the amazing scenery to the Danube bend. 

After refilling your energy cells, a nice and long downhill is waiting for you in a wild and untouched valley. Before you start your climb in the canyon, you can refill your bottles and water reservoirs from a clear water spring that provides cold, refreshing natural water. The Ram canyon is a great adventure both for elders and youngsters. Nice cool climate, great depth and waterfalls are waiting for you to climb them with the help of ladders and rails. After climbing up in the canyon we start our descent to the starting point with full of positive energy and experiences that you will never forget. The whole hike is 18 kms with an elevation gain of 800ms. Recommended for experienced hikers, but manageable for everyone who is healthy and in good fitness.

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