Popular Post – Sunset Campfire

We invite you to a special off the beaten track experience that you can’t get by the guidebooks or from the average tourist operators. We spend the sunset up in the Visegrádi hills next to a campfire while cooking our own dinner. After picking you up in the afternoon hours at an agreed spot in Budapest we jump into the van and drive to the starting point of the hike. We hike up (1,5 km) to a scenic point in the Visegradi mountains that is very little known even by locals, to spend our evening under the starry sky. We build up the camp, create the place for the hammocks and collect dry wood from the forest to make a campfire. After the accommodation for the evening is settled, we sit next to the fire, make our dinner on fire and talk about anything interesting, watch the sky and listen to the sounds of the forest. You can lay down in the hammocks, or onto the mats and just relax in the peaceful mother nature. After fulfilling our body and soul with positive vibes, we start back to the van in the dark forest and I drop you at your accommodation in Budapest.

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